Parliament explains why he did not publish the names of the deputies for more than two months

02/08/2016 18:09 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News
It passed the House of Representatives, on Monday, for clarification on the House of Representatives not to publish the names absent from meetings of the Council for more than two months.

She said the information department of the House of Representatives in a statement received / balances News /, said that "one of news agencies published on Sunday, which dealt with a story entitled The official website of the Iraqi Council of Representatives has not updated the absence of its members since the meeting No. (41) at the 11/22/2015 until today. "

She explained circuit it has been "on the deployment of Representatives names absent from meetings of the Council first hand and without delay," indicating that "the meeting talked about the news agency were among the recent sessions in the legislative term first second legislative year, where he was later granted a legislative holiday for a month, according the rules of procedure of the Council. "

She added that "the Council after it resumed Gelstah the first and second of the new legislative term focus of attention in the days that followed the success of the big international event hosted by Iraq convene a conference of the Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States to cooperate with the participation of more representatives from more than 40 Arab and Muslim countries and publish all Maitalq it, to come back after holding meetings. "

She circle, "not deliberately delay the publication of the names of the deputies that the Council is keen to publish the names Committed to transparency, confirmed to the media," permanent readiness to provide all information related to the House of Representatives. "