Deputy: Basra, the capital of Iraq economic draft must be applied

Date: Tuesday, 31-03-2012 10: 56 am

Basra (News) ...Member of the Economic Commission of the Iraqi coalition MP//about Basra Qusay Juma Abbadi stressed the importance of the adoption of the draft law on Basra, the capital of Iraq in honor of prestige and economic support to the country's economic system.

He said Abbadi (News Agency news) on Tuesday said that Basra is Iraq's economic status that most commercial vessels passing through and have large ports in addition to strategic industrial plants, like the petrochemicals and fertilizers, cement plants, as well as extract and response (80%) Oil across, these must be honored for conservation through its significant economic capital economic Iraq.

He added: the Bill Basra, the capital of Iraq economic was present at the previous session of the House and study well before the parliamentary Economic Committee to vote but was postponed until further notice, he will be put and conduct the first reading of the draft law during the week.

The Attorney called: need votes expected on this project and applied it will stimulate the Iraqi economy and give moral motivation and an indication of future interest and advancement to the Iraqi economy and help boost the economy in the preservation and rehabilitation of all industrial plants, would provide considerable employment opportunities and financial returns of the State.

The Basra governorate is the country's first economic source through the export of nearly 2 million barrels as well as enjoy a greater global oil field called (crazy), along with large industrial plants such as petrochemical and fertilizer plant and iron and steel, cement and other factories large and strategic advantage in its geographical location which overlooks the Arabian Gulf and surrounded by borders of three States, namely Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran./finished/8. d/s.