Experts warn of accession to the WTO and others they deem necessary Tuesday - March 13 (March) 2012

Iraq imports 80% of its food and the treatment does not have the certificate of international quality

Department of the World Trade Organization, Ministry of Commerce organized a seminar to educate the importance of Iraq's accession to the WTO (archive)
BAGHDAD - Jalal Ashour

Iraq aspires to obtain membership of the World Trade Organization after obtaining observer status in it. But experts are divided on the advantages and disadvantages of joining in the light of the economic reality of the country.

In an interview with "the world," says Saif Hilfi economic expert that "most countries of the world has conducted a comprehensive review of the pattern of economic policies, so be prepared to face the changes in the search for a location in a global economy Noazation major split between global trade liberalization, and access to outstanding technologies" . He continues, "Today in our country are not to know the true face of the economic policy governing economic action procedure, as the Iraqi economy in light of the current phase Worth reality industrially backward and bound in many of the problems and constraints that limit its activity and its ability to work under the new economic policy that are freely Trade and the adoption of market mechanisms and economic criteria in the allocation of resources rather than administrative procedures which relied in the past, "and goes" So, the global trade liberalization under the World Trade Organization and the increase of its members will be long impact all sectors including industry, will develop industrial goods in Iraq before the difficult challenges Having lived within the confines of two important consists in that most of them were intended for domestic consumption as part of manufacturing strategy compensator to imports, and the enjoyment of protected customs for decades, and state control over foreign trade sector. "In the opinion of Hilfi that" there are problematic in Iraq's accession to the WTO , Joining depends mainly on the possession of goods for a competitive advantage over goods similar in the global market, and on the legal and institutional framework that governs the ability to access to markets, and here lies the problem because our country to this day could not exceed 10 percent of the conditions of accession " . And on the effects expected arranged on the Iraqi economy as a result of accession to the WTO, said Dr. Acer Yassin, a specialist on accession to the WTO, the "world" that "the impact assessment is not easy, and requires studies covering the activities of production of commodity and service different," and stresses "there must and taken into account the basic characteristics of the economy which, notably the adoption of the General Revenue heavily on commodity raw are oil, accounting for oil exports for more than 90% of the total Iraqi exports according to estimates by the Central Bureau of Statistics. as well as dependence on overseas significantly in the provision of goods food where the food is imported from more than 80% of the volume of domestic consumption. " He warns Yassin from "subjecting the decision to join the political calculations, but should be determined based on a comprehensive study of the economic data for Iraq domestically and internationally, and should include all the components of the economy, and the extent of damage to them or gains to be achieved it according to the decision to join." He points out that "what happened to Iraq as a result of the launch of trade and the economy shed exposed to flooding at the level of imports."

But Dr Kamal Basri, an economist finds that "the entry of the organization will be encouraged to take what is necessary and urgent to reform the industry on the basis of comparative advantage, is an attempt to bring out the industry's predicament weakness of its position in the domestic market and overseas markets derived from the high production costs and the failure of quality and lack of the elements of success." . In an interview with the "world" is a visual "to continue the policies of protection does not represent a cure, but heeding the consecration of a failure. It is also the policy of continuing to serve flabby factor is efficient at the expense of depriving the citizens enjoy the consumption of goods or service of good quality and favorable price."

Assesses the visual reality of Iraq's industry, saying that "The dominance of the public sector, and atrophy of the private sector. The public sector suffers from a failure of technology and weak sharp in productivity to the extent that forced the government to provide financial support to him exceed two billion dollars annually. And the private sector lacks the necessary capital and expertise has reached it's so bad that each of the provinces of Basra and Baghdad to stop dealing with him for the reasons mentioned. "

He continues that "none of the laboratories of Iraq does not have the certificate of international quality (ISO), but The short of it does not possess factor manufacture, packaging, Tozib dates the testimony of international quality (which most Iraqi industries nobility). Has reached it's bad to become a price of a bottle of water, healthy plant laboratories in Jordan by 20% less price than that for Iraq. " The attention to visual "should be reviewed and ordered to join the World Trade Organization in all respects accurately and adopt that serves the stage of economic development desired by the country." The Iraqi team to join the World Trade Organization is on 13 December 2004, and presented a memorandum to obtain membership of the Organization on 16 September 2005. Iraq and adopted the observer to the Organization in the January 24, 2007. And began the first round of meetings of the Working Group in 2007, and the second round in 2008, then the third end of 2009. Iraq is seeking to obtain permanent membership in the WTO rather than an observer as is the case at the moment. The WTO was established in 1995 and has 147 countries as permanent members.

The organization aims to create economic world preserves the rights of the consumer and the product through an international system of laws, and full employment of state resources, and prevent the sale of goods with non-universal origins. The organization considers the flow of international trade to ensure as smooth as possible, freedom, its core mission.