Badr parliamentary: the Jubouri session presents today to know the people who supported the Baath Party


a student member of the House from the Badr bloc, MP Mohammad Naji, Monday, Parliament Speaker Salim Jubouri display the parliament session today that saw an altercation between the deputies for the National Alliance and the coalition forces on the prohibition of the dissolved Baath Party Law, revealing the objection by some MPs on the "criminalization" of the Baath. Naji said in a press statement disciple "Iraqi law", that "Article VII of the Iraqi constitution stipulates a clear and unequivocal ban on former Baath Party and terrorist Takfiri and entities," noting that "the face of objection was due to lack of legal accountability, justice and the banning of the Baath read." He called Naji, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the "View today's session so that the Iraqi people know who supports and endorses the Baath Party," pointing out that "some even objected to the criminalization of the Baath Party and Article VII of the Constitution." The House of Representatives held earlier Monday, a new session after it lifted as a result of previous verbal argument that occurred between the deputies of the coalition forces and the National Alliance on the prohibition of the dissolved Baath party law.