Parliamentary Integrity reveal the difficulty of re-smuggled money


Union: A spokesman for the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, "It is not easy that countries agree to re-Iraqi funds smuggled to them," said Adel Nouri, told all of Iraq that "the issue of recovery of funds smuggled one of the joints important cases in the history of the modern Iraqi state, as the the state treasury suffered semi-vacuum, there is a drop in oil prices and hundreds of billions of money diverted in past years. "
He added, "we need before we think about the tax and reduce salaries, to be recovered smuggled money and return them," adding, "We as a committee of parliamentary integrity contacted a group of foreign embassies and international forums and we have paid a visit to Italy, there are other visits to the agreement and understanding between the countries to develop a mechanism for re-smuggled money," he explained Nuri "We need a mechanism in this direction mode, and move to hold understandings with countries and international forums when the smuggler smuggling sum and invest in one of the states, this state will benefit the revitalization of investment and its structure it is not easy to agree so you need to understandings and relationships and negotiations."
He said, "This step (understandings) be through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Integrity and the Presidency of the Republic and the Integrity Commission, the judiciary and a range of mechanisms and operations room," said "raised this issue about four days ago when we met with the Prime Minister and the Committee of integrity that we need to move on this issue it is very important, "Nuri pointed out that" Iraq does not suffer from lack of money, but cornering him and embezzled and smuggled out by the corrupt. "
The House of Representatives formed during its meeting on Saturday, the committee's deliberations take place during the next two weeks with the BSA and the Integrity Commission and other institutions to see money diverted from Iraq and that must be seized, for the purpose of getting them. According to Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri.