Crude oil is witnessing a state of fluctuation after the negative pressure from the rising dollar

Economy - BAGHDAD / pursue justice - 1:12 - 02/08/2016 - Hits: 23

Crude oil prices entered in the oscillation phase during trading on the impact of high levels of the dollar against the currencies Alriasah.ujae high dollar prices after the release of the US jobs data, which increased negative pressure on crude oil to stop Alaratvaa.ottdaol of futures contracts for crude oil prices and the US movement at the level of to $ 31.85 a barrel after recording its highest level at $ 32.42 a barrel and the lowest level at $ 30.92 a barrel, and had opened the meeting yesterday, at the level of $ 31.57 for Brmel.ujae volatility in crude oil levels after the dollar return to the altitude, which cost him the support that he adopted this week to try to rise, crude oil to restore to the negative expectations surrounding the rising supply of crude oil in the market Alaalmih.ouchehd US dollar of US labor market data improved and the decline in the unemployment rate to its lowest level in eight years, which raised expectations of a continuation of the bank Fed to stick to the policy the gradual lifting of interest rates during 2016.