«Iraq» optimistic before the convening of the National Conference summit Baghdad

13.03.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD - Hussein Ali Dawood - Dar Al-Hayat hoped the coalition «Iraq», led by Iyad Allawi, the exit of leaders and representatives of the political blocs of their negotiations, which began yesterday evening positive results lead to the «National Congress», as expressed Kurds from pessimism to do so. and the Deputy President of the Republic Khodair al leaders and representatives of the political blocs to the fifth round of negotiations to determine the time of the «National Congress» and install its agenda. said Hadi Zalmi, a spokesman for the movement of «Accord», led by Allawi told «life» yesterday, the mass of «Iraq» still «optimistic about the possibility of convening the National Congress by the Baghdad summit scheduled on 29 this month. He added that «the opportunity still exists and should not be postponed». He explained that «the preparatory meeting can come out with positive results determine the time of the National Congress because the discussions have reached an advanced stage and the agenda was installed initially was left is to decide when,». He Zalmi that some political forces «want to make the issue of hosting the Iraq of the Arab summit to try to escape from the internal crises», and pointed out that the summit «do not affect the action to meet national». and take a preparatory committee of 12 members belonging to three blocks president is «Iraq», and « National Alliance », and« Kurdistan Alliance », to prepare a consolidated paper for discussion at the National Conference. The Committee held four meetings during the past few weeks, and did not succeed in determining the time of the conference and its agenda because of differences persisting between blocs of «Iraq» and «the rule of law». The leader of the «National Alliance» Bahaa al-Araji, a member of the Preparatory Committee in charge of formulating the agenda told «life» earlier that the committee completed its work by classifying the current crises into three sections relating to the government, parliament and the judiciary. , the spokesman for the block «Kurdistan Alliance» The good supporter of mass is optimistic the holding «National Congress» before a summit of Baghdad. He added that «the still deep-seated differences between the blocs of state law and Iraqi forces on the agenda».

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