Invitations to restore money diverted from the Kurdistan region

0702 2016
It invited prominent leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Government of the Territory to alleviate the burden of the financial crisis on the shoulders of citizens and move towards the restoration of billions of dollars «contraband». At the time it was decided to meet the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Sunday, with the leaders of the Kurdish parties to receive the report of the Supreme Committee emanating from the presidency in charge of the normalization of the political situation the region, and predicted political sources issuance of resolutions for the meeting, which has refused to attend the MDC and Jemaah Islamiyah, pave the way for normalization what meets the conditions Achtrtth change that called for a re-speaker of parliament and the four ministers expelled to their positions before talking about political meetings. The Change Movement demanded that the Government of the region, in a statement, the leadership of the body, to expedite the processing of the financial crisis and secure the people's livelihood and achieve the reforms in the field of management, and activating the role of parliament, and then discuss and debate the political crisis related to the end of the mandate of the president of the province. On the other hand, the National Union bloc recorded in a lawsuit with the Public Prosecution Authority regional parliament in order to uncover the fate of billions of dollars of contraband, while the leadership of the Union member Fred Ossrd stressed that tackling the financial crisis by inventing another crisis will not work.

He explained Ossrd, told the «morning», that «the Government of the Territory issued a decision to austerity, but that the employees' salaries account, this is not handling the crisis because it opens the doors to the livelihood crisis suffocating because of the low salaries to less than half for most government employees», He called for «radical solutions ease the suffering of the citizens, especially the staff slice, and there are many ways for that, including the adoption of austerity government expenses, and stop wasting money, reduce only the higher grades salaries, in addition to seeking to recover money diverted by some corrupt and re-run at home in order to move the market rebound and economic movement. »

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