Parliamentary economy discussed with the concerned authorities put the port of Faw Investment

0702 2016
The economic and investment commission in Parliament held a workshop to discuss the preliminary preparations for the international Almatmralostosmara put on the port of Faw Investment, in the presence of representatives from the ministries of transport, oil, finance and Investment Authority.

The Commission quoted in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it for its chairman Jawad al-Bolani said, "The committee had previously formed a committee included in its membership representatives of the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Transport and the General Company of Iraqi Ports, in coordination with the Investment Authority has been charged with the functions of several of them to hold meetings with the local authority in the province of Basra and experts in the Ports Authority, academics and economists. "

"The Commission has put the finishing touches to convene an international an Investment extended conference to launch the port of Faw to invest," noting that this project began formally in 2010 at a total cost of 4.5 billion euros and funded centrally through annual appropriations in the general budget, but lack of funding for the project has prevented the implementation of the progress is limited only to the creation of a breakwater, and now has become the completion of the project implementation process very difficult and there is no alternative but to implement investment. "

He said al-Bolani to the possibility of putting part of the financing of the project by subtracting the percentage of stock direct to subscribe to the Iraq Stock Exchange to give the Iraqi people and domestic investors an opportunity to participate in the construction of the project and have a yearly profit good as one of the most important Iraqi projects and most ownership after the oil and telecommunications. " .

The statement said, the workshop examined starting in coordination with the relevant ministries, according to the terms of reference for the start of infrastructure projects associated with the project, as demanded by the workshop to reconsider designs breakwater who was cracks several times, as well as a review of the project cost

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