Kurdistan put paper proposes a unified political summit in Baghdad to ensure its success

3.12.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Twilight News suggested a coalition of Kurdish blocs, on Monday, put paper a unified political blocs agreed the combining vision and not to put domestic issues at the top of Baghdad to ensure its success. The MP said the coalition of Kurdish blocs, Hamid Buffy in an interview with "Twilight News" that "there is a need to standardize visions of the political blocs through a consolidated working paper held them before the Arab summit in Baghdad, not to put domestic issues, and ensure its success, "and expressed not optimistic results of the summit because of" differences between the blocks, and the lack of agreement on a unified vision of the summit. " he asked Buffy, "How can Iraq's Arab summit chair and look at the problems of nations, which could not resolve the internal differences "? Stressing "the need to promote the principle of national partnership to operate the blocks in the spirit of collective success of the summit of Baghdad." continuing efforts of the political blocs to hold a national meeting to discuss the differences and the outstanding issues and work to find solutions to the arch-rivals the Iraqi List, and a coalition of state law differed on identifying the national meeting as they ask first to be held before a summit of Baghdad, while insisting the second conference after the summit. is scheduled to convene an Arab summit in Baghdad at the end of this month, in the presence of Arab leaders, preceded by a meeting of Foreign Ministers on 28 and a meeting of the Ministers of Economy and Trade on 27 January. j p / MVA

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