Abadi Office: The government took action on the economic file

11:02 6/2/2016

Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that the government placed several measures and decisions on the subject of the five economic reforms, including the file, noting that the government's past steps to achieve restructuring of the economy in the country.

A spokesman for the office, Saad al-Hadithi, said that "the economic hub was one of the five axes reformist In this context issued several resolutions were announced in detail in relation to the orders of Diwaniyah and in particular there are a council statement was issued a few weeks ago about axes and realized it."

He said in a statement that "there is a lot of work carried out by the government on the economic axis, including the launch of the largest lending process $ 6 trillion dinars to support the commercial and industrial, agricultural and real estate projects as well as small and medium enterprises to stimulate the private sector and stimulate the country's economy which helps income resources development."

Sabri said he "has direct an integrated program to facilitate procedures for the various government departments in relation to transactions of citizens, investment and economic projects and this framework has been taking several measures."

He pointed out, "it was increasing the level steps regarding the aspects related to the structuring of the economy and the development of new foundations of him, especially since the action takes place it on an ongoing basis and achieved a number of steps, but of course, restructuring the economy needs a time because of the accumulation of mistakes from years past and transform the economy from a unilateral to a varied needs and efforts to stimulate the market and the private sector. "

He continued newborn that "there were instructions from the authorities concerned investment file in relation to speed up the granting of visas for companies and businessmen who wish to invest in the country and the adoption of the single window as a means of granting visa procedures in addition to facilitating investment projects measures so as to ensure the absence of routine loops or bureaucracy lead to the existence of outlets for corruption