Sistani slap Abadi and the political class in Iraq

2016/02/05 | 18:09

(Encyclopedia of the Day News | Iraq News) - the supreme authority of the Shiites in Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said on Friday he will not address things politics after a day in the usual sermon at Friday prayers, which was for years a source of guidance for the Iraqi politicians and millions of followers.

Ahmad Safi Sistani's representative did not say in speeches reason to stop talking politics, which focused recently on the government battles with Islamic militants to organize the state and efforts to tackle corruption.

Safi said in a Friday sermon broadcast on television from the city of Karbala in southern Iraq was "we have been in every Friday to read in the second sermon written transcript represents the visions and the eyes of the religious authority but it was decided that this is not a week for the time being, but according to the emerging issues and the requirements of events Supreme in Iraqi affairs. "

Sistani's influence and enjoys almost legendary among millions of Shiites and has rarely challenged the authority of Iraqi politician. And dealt with many of his speeches, including security, elections and economic issues.

He had called on Iraqis in June 2014 to take up arms against the organization of the Islamic State militant Sunni Islamist group, which seized about a third of the north and west of the area of ​​Iraq, and responded to tens of thousands of Iraqis to call.

Then al-Sistani endorsed the marginalization of Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister at the time.

In last summer called for the Iraqi political system tainted by corruption, prompting Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the launch of the reform was criticized by al-Sistani later campaign, calling it Balbtiih and inefficient reform.