The reasons for opposition to the EU to look Barzani in the referendum on the division of Iraq

17:07 5/2/2016
The EU's position has been a shock to the Kurdish forces aspiring for independence from the Iraqi state, every team is pursuing its own interests. The EU does not want to divide Iraq, because it would lose the consumer market and will increase the number of immigrants from Iraq to Europe, while Americans have become play in public, and the stability of Iraq is not in their favor. In this report we review some of the Kurdish forces positions and look at the European Union of the referendum called for "Massoud Barzani."

First, the position of president of the Kurdistan region, "Massoud Barzani"

President of the Kurdistan Regional Government announced during a meeting with a delegation from the European Union: "The people of Kurdistan and in the framework of the right to self-determination, will conduct a referendum for self-determination, and self-determination for the people of Kurdistan, a report must be in his hand, and said he will present the issue with the central government in Baghdad formally within the framework of the talks and dialogue. "

The head of the Kurdistan region, "Massoud Barzani," finally met with the major political parties and the parties participating in the government except for the MDC opposition Kurdistan Islamic Group, and stressed that a referendum on the fate and the future of the Kurdistan region before the start of the presidential election in the United States, any expiration of the president before US "Barack Obama." It emphasizes America's role in supporting the division of Iraq, and the advantage of having Daash and terrorist groups in order to achieve their own interests.

Second: the positions of the European Union and Kurdish opposition forces

"Sheikh Ali," the commander of the Islamic group in northern Iraq, after his meeting with a delegation of representatives of the European Union on Sunday 31/1/2016 held a press conference in Arbil, in which he said: "The EU delegation confirmed its rejection of the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan currently unity of Iraq's land and people of the priorities of the Union, and ask, "Barzani" referendum was not appropriate in the current circumstances, pointing out the high risk of having Daash and terrorist groups. "

He also added: "The aforementioned delegation informed" Massoud Barzani "that the European Union countries with the unity of Iraq, and have suggested it to solve all the outstanding issues of internal dialogue with all Iraqi parties. They also announced that their understanding of the concerns of the Kurdish parties of the division and stressed that they would all efforts to solve the problem of the Kurdish region. "

On the same day the delegation met; framed by the Deputy of the European Union and representatives of the consulates of some EU countries, the President of the Islamic Union Party in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, "Mohammed Faraj," After the meeting, a party official, speaking to reporters, said: "The European delegation stressed that all aid that Siqdmha Union of Kurdistan region will be through Baghdad. "

"Khalil Ibrahim," a member of the political bureau of the Islamic Association also warned of increased tension with Baghdad, stressing that it is not in the Chapel of Iraqi Kurds. "

EU office official in the Kurdistan region, "Patrick cuisine" also welcomed, following a meeting with a number of Kurdish parties in the region by bringing the views and solve problems taking place in the region through peaceful means and dialogue. "It is reported that the protests of the people in the region increased after the meetings that were held on resolving the problem of failure Presidium of the region, which led to the worsening of the financial problems at the same time.

We draw from the Zکrnah that each seeks behind the interests of the European Union is afraid of the division of Iraq because of its negative effects and direct it, and the US shows himself as the savior of the Iraqi people from Daash and Wahhabi movements, but in fact seeks to achieve its own interests. Will the Kurdish people wake up from slumber and chooses his favor national unity? Valtafrqh is only for the benefit of aspirants in the wealth of Iraq.