Labour launches next week, the fourth installment of the social protection subsidy extension
[Baghdad - where]
announced that the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, will launch the fourth installment of the subsidy extension of social protection early next week, more than 45 thousand beneficiaries of the categories of men and women in Baghdad and the provinces, except for the Kurdistan region.
According to a ministry statement, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of "own the fourth installment of the social protection subsidy extension of financial receivables amounted to more than 12 billion and 404 million dinars have been sent to the banks to complete the required procedures and configuration for granted," referring to "mark the beginning of next week the date for the granting of the subsidy under the old law.
He explained that "the number of those who will be fired subsidy for them amounted to 45 thousand, and 559 beneficiaries in Baghdad and the provinces, of whom 20 thousand, and 29 of the men category, and 25 thousand and 530 women category."
the statement pointed out that " who launched them to the subsidy are those who happened statements ministry completed their procedures with respect to audit tax and settling accounts and change the address operations. "
He pointed out that" the number of beneficiaries of the subsidy of social protection to boost the third in 2015 amounted to 905 thousand, and 667, taking advantage of them 458 thousand, and 791 female and 446 thousand, and 876 males in Baghdad and the provinces except for the Kurdistan region, ".anthy