Industry: unintended factors stopped the factories must be a strategy to transform the economy to an industrial

Said the Directorate General of Industrial Development at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, there are different factors intended and unintended led to the deterioration of the industrial sector and a glut of domestic production and put in front of competition with foreign product and stopped hundreds of factories.
And transfer to a ministry statement, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, for the Director General of the Department Salam Saeed Ahmed, his call to "adopt a strategy aimed at transforming the Iraqi economy from a service to the industrial economy - agriculture by encouraging private industry to enter the arena canning and food industry and the establishment of agricultural and food industries and small craft industries in rural areas to increase citizens' income, and thus secure the appropriate relationship between industrial development and agricultural development through attention to small-scale producers of wage earners, artisans and owners of small workshops and encourage them to promote their projects. "
He said Ahmed, according to the statement, that "the absence of visions, strategies and policy statements of the state in the field of industrial development and the weakness of the security side led to two things: the first near-total dependence on oil to finance the general budget of the Iraqi state, and the second the absence of industrial capitalist class creative and neglecting all other nutrients sectors" .
He said there were "various factors intended and unintended led to the deterioration of the private industrial sector and the general glut of various origins without regard for the protection of domestic production, or the Iraqi consumer, developed domestic production weak in front of unequal competition with the product of foreign and stopped hundreds of factories for work and the loss of skilled workers because of the wars, immigration or harass competencies in various disciplines. "
He said that "for the purpose of advancement of the industrial reality must adopt a range of solutions that can contribute to the sustainable development of the industrial sector in order to take a real role in supplying the Iraqi economy and national income large revenue and converted from the consumer sector into a product to revive the Iraqi economy by encouraging investment by creating a suitable environment to attract investors in order to eliminate unemployment, such as building industrial cities and taking the opinions of the Iraqi Federation of industries and industrialists and the preparation of an ongoing and joint workshops to identify the problems experienced by the industrial sector to be addressed to find appropriate solutions and restart the hundreds of factories suspended from work and activating the National product protection laws and restrictions on the import ".