Al-Saadi: parliamentary committees will continue to work with the seasonal holidays

Tuesday, November 11, 1/October 2011 14: 33

Zia Al-sharifi/with: Deputy Minister Kamal Al-Saadi, a State law that parliamentary committees will continue to work and stop with the holiday begin quarterly Parliament next Sunday and said Al-Saadi's future (and with) that "the discussions between the Government and representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government last week were positive, and understandings between the parties, with a view to be discussed by the Technical Committee, which will come in the next few days to Baghdad to discuss things functional, but now is discuss on general themes and strengthening synergies between the parties," Al-Saadi said. "The committees will work even in time legislative recess and by work, and discuss issues with such integrity Commission meeting next Wednesday will be the fact that impartiality is a files must work during this period and preparation beyond legislative recess".