Customs tariff Overstock goods imported in ports
By: wab1
Date: Wednesday, 03-02-2016 10:53 pm

Baghdad news agencies
Public ports company headquartered in Basra, the quantities Large of various types of imported goods in commercial ports because of the reluctance of traders on the reformatted due to increased tariffs.

Director of media and public relations section of the company Tigers Abdel Moneim NET in an interview, "most of the goods imported through ports is not out of business, resulting in the accumulation of large quantities of goods at ports due to the abstention of the merchants customs clearance for refusing to increase tariff", stating that "traders delay output goods because they expect the Government to undo the application of the law on customs tariffs, as happened a few months ago."

"The majority of the various goods stacked in ports is stored in cargo containers, as there is in the port trade stronghold 32 refrigerated truck loaded with large amount of perishable foodstuffs", adding that "dealers are responsible for import shipment also refused to remove them from the port for not accepting the new tariffs.

He said that "the General ports Corporation is not responsible for customs procedures", stating that "the increased tariffs damaged the work of ports and caused losses to the company in light of the low numbers of incoming vessels.

The Finance Ministry had decided, early in November last, begin with the application of the law on customs tariffs and sales tax increase on goods imported through all border crossings, leading in time to hit the border ports in Basra paralysed prompted provincial Council to issue the decision to wait to apply the law.

Then Prime Minister Haider Abadi similar resolutions, but the general budget law for the year 2016 included an article on the application of the law on customs tariffs and sales tax increase at all border crossings, including those falling within the Kurdistan region, but did not commit to it in practice a few days ago, which portends a new controversy between local government in Basra, which rejects the application of the law has not been implemented also in the territory, between the Federal Government, which insists its motives additional revenue ease Financial constraints.

Basra province comprises five ports trade active frequent her dozens of foreign ships a month, are the ports of Abu floos, stronghold and Khawr al-Zubayr and Umm Qasr, North and South, it is the only land port Safwan between Iraq and Kuwait in the province, and also includes a land border port of Basra with Iran is located at the eastern end of the Shatt al-Arab district, and that border crossings backed state coffers with millions of dollars in revenue each week.