National Alliance: all the political blocs agreed on the success of the Arab summit in Baghdad
12/03/2012 13:15
12/03/2012 13:15

Baghdad, March 12 / March 2012 (Rn) - The National Alliance, today, Monday, that all the political blocs agreed on the success of the Arab summit in March 29 / March in Baghdad.

A member of the National Alliance MP for the Liberal bloc Abdul Amir Mayahi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) today announced that the blocks of political agree almost unanimously on the success of the Arab summit in Baghdad, adding that the recent agreements have been good and in the interest of the success of the Arab summit.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had stressed in a statement Sunday that "the Baghdad summit marks the beginning of a new phase in the history of the Arab region is witnessing developments and changes unprecedented political will have a significant impact on its future and the future generations, where the summit will the situation arising from these developments and political changes and their effects the future. " Saying, "Everyone, without exception, welcomed the convening of the summit on time in Baghdad.

On the other hand denied Mayahi be of Kuwait faith in the demarcation of the border again between Iraq and Kuwait, but that was through the laws passed by the United Nations, adding that the recent visit of the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi of Kuwait, was agreed during which several issues are important, including borders, Mubarak and the port and the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII.

Iraq has been under since 1990 to the seventh item in the Charter of the United Nations under the decision of the Security Council of the United Nations over the invasion of the former Iraqi regime of Kuwait at that year, Iraq is still under Tailth due to some outstanding issues between the two countries such as, the remains of the prisoners, and missing Kuwaitis in Iraq , and the Kuwaiti archives, and compensation of oil, burning oil wells in addition to freeze the assets of Iraq's financial international banks for the payment of compensation to those affected by the sweep.

The Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh has considered that the opportunities for cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait, strong, and that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will discuss during his upcoming visit to the State of Kuwait, the bilateral relations and the position of the port of Mubarak and the seventh item.

Iraq still owes about $ 25 billion, of which 24 billion for Kuwait, and that he was subjected to the oil sector during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, in addition to losses suffered by government ministries and buildings.

Baghdad says that Iraq still subject to Chapter VII, "restricts the country and affect its independence"

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