Reports: America included 71 Iraqi figure on the list of "political exclusion"

Follow-up -arac Press -2 February: According to Arab and Western news reports on Tuesday that the United States recently included 71 Iraqi political figure on the list of political exclusion will be stripped of their posts and some of them may affect the legal accountability.

The reports quoted sources described the high Baerakip, said that "the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will be at the top of the US list, as well as Hussain al-Shahristani and Hadi al-Amiri, who Tzlma ministerial portfolios, and Abu Mahdi Mohandes required US and internationally on charges of involvement bombings affected Western and American interests."

The list includes well, political figures, including officials in the Iraqi government.

On the other hand, Iraqi political source revealed the existence of intensive contacts conducted by a number of American advisers and leaders of the Year with the leaders of the three factions of the Iraqi opposition, to be entered in what is known as "the new political process" in Iraq.

She says, "toss" News, citing its own source that "Iraqi figures currently based in America and Britain, a candidate to return to the country, including all members of the dissident Dawa Party, which is led by al-Maliki."

But the same sources revealed, that "the United States insists on Abadi stay in office and threaten the application of the Iraqi presidential system just in case the situation of the political standstill place without progress in the light of Iran's expansion and growing collapse of the Iraqi state institutions." Ended (1)