Tamimi accuses of trying to shut down one of Representatives corruption Commerce Bank Files


(Independent) .. accused member of the Finance Committee for the Liberal bloc Majida al-Tamimi Committee member and MP from the Kurdish bloc change Masood Haider of trying to close the corrupted files

Said in a press conference, today, "a committee was formed to detect, especially in Sulaimaniya on the Iraqi Trade Bank, including Vice Masood Haider building has been hiring experts to assess the building was writing a report to the recommendations."

"The MP Haider site on the Committee's recommendations with a reservation him to assess more than the price of the real building and purchased $ 15 million and the words of the experts said that the price does not exceed 7.5 million dollars and others evaluated the building by 8 million and asked other representatives to be evaluated 10 million and another said 11 so that everyone sign while the fact that the building price of 7 and a half million dollars..

"and recounted Tamimi details by saying that" the Commission of Inquiry, which was established within the parliamentary Finance discovered during her visit to the site Trade Bank of Iraq / Sulaymaniyah branch building a building that the area is 2030 square meters and a construction area 1400 square meters consists of six floors with apartments and a hotel and a garage.

He revealed al-Tamimi said the purchase amount is $ 15 million and the cost of repair and modification of the building before the share of the job "800" million dinars, pointing out that the price of the land with a construction cost of ten million, two hundred and ninety thousand dollars.

She drew Tamimi said suspicions of corruption mar the file, and accused the director of the bank by the specified amount of four million and two hundred thousand dollars, saying that the committee the Prime Minister called for the purpose of opening an investigation widely in all the actions of the Director of the bank and take a "hand-pull" action right until the completion of the investigation.

She said that Tamimi MP Masood Haider, a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance and the Finance Committee Aaddour reservation to that paragraph in addition to approaching the Board of Supreme Audit to check in the amount of maintenance and modification of the communication up to "800" Tmnmaip million dinars

And accused the MP Masood Haider coverage on suspicions of corruption in the Iraqi Trade Bank of the ((TBI through a bank branch building in the province of Sulaymaniyah file.

She explained that "MP Haider and throughout the time he was in contact with the director of the Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya dry and gives our actions first Powell," indicating that " Haider reservation on the evaluation and conservative Prime Minister informed the Commission in order to achieve the last with the withdrawal of the hand from the dry. "

Tamimi and wondered, "Why has custody of you site and does not want to be approached BSA? Why Anarcl to the report of the Court of control and subject in which suspicions of corruption?

She continued by saying, "We legislative authority any subject we should give it to the chief executive in addition to the note of the subject informed of the withdrawal of the hand from dry until we know the facts? So why Masood Haider upset and (uncomfortable). "

Tamimi and showed that "one of the satellite channels hosted the MP mentioned in the 19 month of January last replied to a question submitted to the program and its files on electricity and everyone knows I am proactive disclosure of these files and sent to the Integrity Commission, after you complete the full".

MP Haider accused of failing to honor attendance in the Assembly or the financial committee which he is a member, calling him the files that official attention by which does not have any because he does not want to file.