Wasit renewed claim to support national production and industry confirms: our products better and cheaper


The local government has renewed in Wasit province, on Monday, demanding parents and government agencies move towards national products, expressing its readiness to support national industrial companies. While the Ministry of Industry and Minerals confirmed that its products are "better and cheaper" in the region being the subject of Standardization and Quality Control, called for the development of controls "strict" on imports and prevent the dumping of foreign goods domestic market.
This came during a press conference held at the State Company for Textile Industries headquarters in Wasit, Al Kut city center, (180 km south-east of Baghdad), with the participation of the conservative owner of the valley and general manager of the General Company for Textile Industries and skin Ahmed Al-Kaabi and MP for Wasit province, Rashid al-Yassiri, attended " Press-term. "
The governor said in his speech during the conference that "the national industry big title of pride in spite of the big challenges facing, particularly the dumping of the domestic market to imported products", urging the people of the province and government departments where the "go to Wasit factories textile products from clothing and miscellaneous textiles industries that characterized by good quality and price cheapness. "
He called the valley government agencies, particularly the ministries of defense, interior and health, to "direct contracting with Textile Industries Company and leather for their equipment needs of their products", stressing that "the quality of the company's products and access to international quality certificate as well as being comparable to those imported."
He pledged that the governor of Wasit province, "the local government supports such distinguished company in spite of the difficult financial circumstances."
For his part, Director General of Textile Industries and skin Ahmed Al-Kaabi said, during the conference, "The Ministry of Industry and Minerals has developed a plan for the advancement of the national industry to be able to achieve breakthroughs quantity and quality allows it to profit," returned to "national products much better than most other countries in the region and foreign being unchecked quality control. "
Kaabi and called for "strict controls on the import and preventing the dumping of the domestic market and foreign clothing because of the resulting damage to national industry," stressing "the ability of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to meet the citizens' demands and government agencies of various textile products and leather in particular."
He appealed to the Director General of Textile Industries and skin all ministries to "go to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to stand on its products before making any external contracts," stressing "the ability of the ministry companies meet the needs of those ministries, particularly defense, interior and health."
The Associates of Wasit State Company for Textile Industries has demonstrated repeatedly, demanding their salaries and turning them from self-financing to the Central.