1/2/2016 0:00

Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam
As expected, returned to the ears of the new screaming and the noise of some traders and those who stand behind them beneficiaries due to uncontrollable market, the impact of the application of customs tariff law in the twenty-fifth of January, but the hype this time carrying a single argument and by, after numerous excuses and arguments in previous times of fear among the poor of the rise in commodity prices and the domestic product alternative claim.

It seems that the repercussions of the financial crisis gripping the country, has been overshadowed by the level of demand made the talk about the rise in commodity prices is unlikely, especially since the tariff of basic materials fee is almost negligible in front of the level of profits that traders accrue to the front of the de facto situation and the urgent need for the application of the law dictated by the crisis , while the campaign «made in Iraq» adopted by the Ministry of Industry, with the Central Bank's support for banks specialized in dropping an argument to claim a local product alternative contributed to the fact that the initiation point in finding alternative has become a reality it needs to apply the tariff law to override adjustment with minimal losses that stage It can be exposed to the consumer, and therefore, the noise-makers clung to the remnants of the arguments concerning the application of the law in all outlets, giving the legitimacy of this argument very important, and make it a prerequisite for the success of the application.

The decline in land and sea ports revenues in the southern and central provinces due to stop entry of imported goods operations caused by asylum traders ports Kurdistan region that have not committed to applying the law, as expected, puts the government in front of a real exam to demonstrate their ability to economic reform firmly and strongly file management, has been mentioned in previous articles to address the process of this dilemma that «the introduction of customs ports when land corridors Mahaddh of the provinces of the region with other provinces» tariff firmly measures are applied to put an end to this chaos that we will have no choice else to deal with the policy of dumping the commodity, and here must expect to hear noise this time from the cities of the region and not from the cities and ports, which has been paralyzed due to the application of the law.

Meaning that the application of the law must be on all goods coming from the province because the exception to goods produced in the region will give a great opportunity to circumvent and pass the goods imported from abroad as produced commodities in the province will open a large window for corruption it will inevitably lead to delay application of the law and the demolition of a fundamental pillar of the local product support and thus will waste all the steps of economic reform aimed at supporting the private sector and overcome the adjustment smoothly stage, here escalate the hype and perhaps up to the extent of political allusions, as it would be affected producers who will shape stressful episodes on the Kurdistan Regional Government to implement the law.

It is important that the central government take notice in the light of the above procedure to the possibility of the approval of the local administration in the region to enforce the law after a period of time in which to find a great damage to the economy of the territory, which requires the insistence of the center government on the implementation of the law in those ports under the supervision of the General Administration of Customs exclusively and the succession of the adoption of the customs points between the provinces of the region and other provinces is still the only way to protect domestic products.

It is important to recall here that the customs system and although business transformations that the world has witnessed the impact of economic globalization and the emergence of the World Trade Organization, but he is still among the most important tools used by federal regulations to regulate the trade relations between the federal entities, as adopted by the nation-state to increase their incomes and improve the balance payments and to protect and regulate their own markets, and as long as about the almost complete independence in the region, we have to seek serious to stop this deterioration in the form of economic relations and then enact a law regulating the trade relations between the regions and provinces to ensure proper use of local administrations authority and does not harm the public interest and that the principle of rights and duties shall including achieve justice and welfare for all, Fmaaad securities could hide was yellow in color and is locked drawers, and it was time to speak out loud.

Fly government should not back down on the application of the tariff law about noise induced, and that the estimated size of the price you would pay the poor and middle classes in this phase, which is intended to correct the economic wheel track, and it should be up to the responsibility in the development of plans and programs and their implementation in all seriousness and not expect it to go the wheel of reform without obstacles and pitfalls made by the beneficiaries of the breakdown of the market and the deterioration of the productive sectors in the country.

The size of the damage be borne by the poor and middle classes to adapt to the reform program phase we put it in the hands of the government to move toward real reforms lead to the salvation of this deterioration in the reality of the productive sectors, which reproduce by many economic dilemmas, hoping that the livelihood of the people not be held hostage to political favors .