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Iraqi demands to amend Article 78 of the Constitution and the reform of Article 140 .الإثنين, 12 آذار/مارس 2012 11:36 Monday, March 12 / March 2012 11:36 . .

Twilight News / demanded that the Iraqi List, Monday, the Committee on constitutional amendments in the House of Representatives to amend Article 78 of the Constitution, which provides for the formation of the Iraqi government before the parliamentary bloc of the major, as confirmed on their quest to reform Article 140 for "achieving a just solution" to the conflict between Iraqi factions.

The MP said the Iraqi List, Ahmed al-Alwani's "Twilight News", "the terms of the Arbil, included an article that stresses the need for constitutional amendments, the most important item call for amending Article 78, which was interpreted in several aspects and has raised considerable debate over forming a government by mass major."

He noted that "there are many passages in the Constitution is flexible and open to interpretation must be modified, including the powers of the prime minister, as well as Mi_khas exclusive powers of the Federal Government and Article 140".

Iraq had conducted a referendum on the constitution in 2005 and included the Constitution clause requiring amended after four months from the date of the referendum, but no adjustments are made due to lack of agreement on the items of contention relating to Article 140, and the powers of the central government and the powers of the region and the center and other items were controversial and required Log in Federal Court to resolve them.

Alwani and that "the Iraqi List, no intention to abolish Article 140 claim but calls for reform to end the problems between the components of Iraq and especially in the disputed areas."

He was adviser to the Iraqi List, Hani Ashur between, earlier, that "the crisis of political security and economic development in Iraq caused by the setbacks of the Constitution", persisting to say he was "a result of these gaps, the problems will not end in Iraq, and Sttwald day after day, despite the recognition of all the blocks political need to modify it. "

The Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called, in August of last year, to amend the Constitution so as to achieve the current state of citizenship, the adoption of the basis of national belonging and the nation away from the rest of the spectrum, describing the current government and the Constitution that they brown on the basis of a nationalist and sectarian.

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