Development Fund for Iraq: suspicions of corruption contracts airports in Baghdad, Basra up to $ 29 million .. The differences between the four ministries disrupt the Baghdad security project and secure border

2016-02-01 02:10:25 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

A report by international auditor for the Development Fund for Iraq for 2014, for observations and cases of corruption in the work of the ministries of transport and communications.

The report stated that "once again we return to mention the report of the audit Development Fund for Iraq for 2014 which oil revenue account, in its report on the Ministry of Transport - General Establishment of Civil Aviation audit company said the facility has contracted with a Spanish company and other Jordanian to execute six air bridges in Nineveh building at Baghdad airport for $ 7200000 in 2011 and the duration of implementation of 14 months from the date of opening of credit, and was supposed to perform the work in May 2013, and despite the delay in completion of one year have not been withdrawn work or take action against the two companies, then the Ministry has signed a contract with another "The same two companies" to implement 6 airbags building bridges to Babylon at the airport and in the amount of $ 7,699,998, after the change of the direct style of the tender invitation to tender offer and the consent of one of the Commission services and reconstruction in the Council of Ministers. "

And that "after informing the two companies made a presentation at the price of the previous contract the two companies refused, insisting on an Offer of $ 8250000 and Achtrtta provide the Ministry of Transport officially pledge the two companies to refer the bridges Karbala building to them as well, however he was steering down the process of study and analysis of the offers received from the previous direct Referrals and referred the contract to a US company for $ 7782752 recommendation of the committee bidding analysis, but the recommendation rejected and sent another record to refer the contract to the two preceding two companies through a tender one display despite the objections of the Chairman of the opening of the tenders, and as a result the delayed implementation of this contract also imposed fines Tojerih the two companies ".

The report said, "In another decade the General Establishment of Civil Aviation in 2011 contracted with Ibn public newborn for the processing of generators Basra airport at $ 9.1705 billion dinars duration of the implementation 11 months, (although the company is not Bmsnah or agent of a manufacturer), so the company Ibn Al Waleed contract with a British company to supply generators for $ 6570076, a difference of approximately (1,500) million dollars and reached a completion rate of 25% in February of 2015 after the end of the implementation period and the extension period in September 2013, however, contracted facility again with the newborn company to equip the airport Baghdad generators at $ 1600000000 dinars duration of the implementation of 180 days and that in the month of July 2014 and reached a completion rate of 5%, according to the minutes of the Contracts Committee in January 2015 ".

And about the lines of the Iraqi Air, has said the international auditor's report, that "the airlines declined to provide documentation of my contract purchase of Boeing aircraft and aircraft Canadian, (although it is under construction) and requested the audit firm and the Committee of Financial Experts providing them with documents two decades to more than once, as the first decade site at the beginning of 2008 and the percentage of implementation of 29% until the end of 2014 and the second decade site in 2013 and the percentage of completion 0% (zero) at the end of 2014 ".

The Ministry of Communications has Usher reports Advisory draft contract (Baghdad security project of the Syrian and Iraqi borders) site in 2009 with a French company for $ 6.975 million, which has not yet been implemented because of disagreements between the Iraqi parties to participate on project management, namely, (the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate for Communications and Informatics, Department of Homeland Security and the Ministry of Defense), although the company has carried out 80% of it and stop the implementation of the last two stages two main in the contract, and that because of the company demanded fines of $ 3 million to delay the Iraqi side to complete the implementation of the contract the French government and threatened that Iraq was recorded among the countries that do not and fulfill their obligations to the international export credit agency.

The report shows that "the Ministry of Communications contracted at times with" loser companies ", as shown in its financial statements submitted with the tender documents to the ministry, the report point not to pursue the ministry for the implementation of the contracts referred to by it did not rate the implementation of one of the contracts 35% exceed Although signed in 2009 ".

The lag in the completion of projects in the General Company for Post & Telecommunications his share like other government institutions, in spite of sending alerts to the lagging companies, there are about 12 projects worth (49,040,054,185) dinars and (53,312,363) dollars, one of which is the ground station satellite project in Kadhimiya site in June 2007 and the date of completion is planned in June 2008 in which either the completion rate up to August 2015 is 35% and the lowest percentage in the history of the implementation of the auditors' visit is 14% in one contract, which was due to be completed in November 2013.

The report said that the company mentioned referred the contracts worth (10180146500) dinars and $ 1654868 without "ensure the readiness of the site," and that one of these contracts has been done, although the date planned for completion is 2010, said the report also to the existence of open credits for the company in Trade Bank of Iraq has not been pursued despite the implementation of contracts for some of the assets and the survival of the completion of approximately $ 14,324,565.

In the General Company for the services of the International Information Network, the one signed in 2007 contracts for $ 1.548 million duration of the implementation of one year, it has not been implemented up to the month of August 2015 despite warnings and being only for the processing of lunar package and Internet service, and another contract with the Swedish company Ericsson for $ 3.3 million, was due to be completed in October 2011 has not yet been completed due to lack of readiness of the work site, according to the report.

The report complements that "there inevitably contracts to the company" Huawei of China "as well as the reluctance of the contracting company and they do not possess sufficient cadres, one of the contracts signed in 2008, the duration of the implementation of the 6-month completed its implementation in June 2013, another site was held in 2009 duration of the implementation 58 days is not direct him until August 2015 and the last site in 2010, the duration of the implementation of the 270 Days of work done did not begin until August 2015, and there are important note is that the (technical development in very fast communications, the delayed implementation of the action, requires obtaining new licenses to technologies The latest, which leads to disruption of projects and in some cases carry the state treasury to pay fines Tojerih implemented) companies. "