"Petrojet" Egypt announces the opening near the industrial workshop in Basra for the production of heavy oil equipment

Sunday January 31, 2016 20:28

Alsumaria News / Basra
The Egyptian company "Petrojet" management, Sunday, near the opening of the industrial workshop integrated for the production of some types of heavy oil equipment in the North Rumaila field in Basra province, and while confirming that the project provides dozens of jobs for Iraqis, pointed out that the products of the project bearing the words "Made in Iraq".

The general director of the company's branch in Iraq Mohammed Aldroa in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The Company (Petrojet) Egyptian Oil Projects has established a complete industrial workshop in the northern Rumaila field for the production of heavy engineering equipment for oil from storage tanks, pipes and metal structures," noting that "the workshop is the first industrial facility in Iraq holds a certification from the Society of Mechanical Engineers Americans, and their products characterized by their high quality, and will carry the logo (made in Iraq).

Aldroa stressed that "the project, which is scheduled to open next Friday in the presence of Iraqi and Egyptian officials provide dozens of jobs for Iraqi citizens," adding that "the workshop will cover Iraq's need of some types of heavy oil equipment, which was imported from abroad in exchange for large sums of money." .

Aldroa He pointed out that "the project is the nucleus or out larger projects related to the oil industry, as the company has 16 branches in Arab countries, but Iraq branch is the only one who created the huge industrial and workshop on an area of ​​70 thousand square meters," adding that "the project enhances the importance of the province of Basra in economic terms. "

The Egyptian company "Petrojet" started its activity in Iraq in 2013, and due to the rapid growth of its business in the south of Iraq has created a camp for their workers within the North Rumaila field can accommodate more than 1,200 workers, the company has carried out during the past two years, a package of large contracts with oil projects companies licensing rounds and subsidiaries Iraqi Oil Ministry, including the project of establishing a stressful gas plants in the Zubair oil field, and the establishment of transmission pipeline for crude oil extends from the province of Dhi Qar to hand Khor Al-Zubair in Basra province, also check on the company he signed recently to take over the creation of a gas processing plant Saybah gas in the field.