Comprehensive expansion in the work of the national carrier and profits Airlines up to one billion dollars annually

January 31, 2016 7:08

The Ministry of Transport has succeeded in securing the profit of more than half a billion US dollars the year before last, while expected to reach annual profits last year to one billion dollars. This was confirmed by Mr. Bayan Jabr al-Zubeidi and Transport Minister in a meeting with a group of heads of liberation and political analysts. The minister also said that the ministry has turned into an institution-sufficient and qualified for the big increase in profits for the coming years after a major expansion in the Iraqi air fleet. It is also keen to promote the rehabilitation of pilots and technicians in the Iraqi Airways as it was sending 50 pilots to train for the leadership of Airbus aircraft purchased by the Iraqi Airways while the number of air fleet of 32 aircraft.
Minister Bayan Jabr al-Zubaidi revealed that there are those who seek to tarnish the image of the national carrier deliberately or who seeks to hide his corruption by attacking sensitive institutions in the ministry, as happened in the contracts division, which had been to try to burned by some suspect the safety of their own files and in particular of some certificates individuals.
Al-Zubaidi promised to expansion programs will not be limited to the number of aircraft, but the spread of the national carrier to the widest possible point and encourages the minister multiplicity of other Iraqi transport companies because it contributes to strengthening the state economy at the current stage and encouraged to make the competition between carriers elevate and improve the service of citizens. The minister pointed out that he met with ministry officials of the Iraqi Airways to study the transport tariff and prices of tickets for sale amount to positive competition with the rest of the international companies. He added that at the time, which encourages the presence of international companies in the field of air transport, but that he would work according to the principle of reciprocity when allowing it to enter the Iraqi field. Zubaidi said that Iraq had agreed in the past to grant the Iranian Civil Aviation Flight 200 without being treated similarly.
On the reports published about stopping Iraq's national carrier activity in the European area because of imbalances in the professional practice Zubaidi said that the majority of negative cases recorded very marginal and does not involve public safety of the flight or aircraft or citizens. He stressed that the ministry Airlines completely immersed in the treatment of all phenomena are unacceptable and are now being reviewed and corrected pattern followed in dealing with observations made up of specialized bodies process. In this regard, the minister said that an extensive investigation carried out in this regard its files amounted to 400 pages will guide future work in the framework of the Iraqi Airways and the framework of international dealings. He expressed his belief that the implementation of the recommendations recommended by the commissions of inquiry will put everything in place, especially after punishing many Almitrackhen and neglected and others have caused a number of complaints.