Iraq needs $ 1.56 billion to cope with the crisis

2016 3101
A government report said on Sunday that Iraq needs to 1.56 billion dollars this year to finance the deal with a humanitarian crisis triggered by fighting Daash measures.

He added that, Baghdad, which suffer from a lack of liquidity amid falling oil prices and the associated rise in military spending to fight the Islamic militants will be able to finance less than 43 percent of the humanitarian needs of its budget.

He pointed out that the participation of the international community are necessary to meet the deficit.

The report continued that, the Iraqi government has allocated about $ 850 million last year, efforts to accommodate and assist IDPs to return to areas that have been restored, but in the end it funded less than 60 percent of these efforts.

Iraq is facing a financial crisis due to the sharp decline of oil, in terms of financial budget for this year with a total expenditure of more than 105 trillion deficit accounted for 22.8%, and total revenue which 81 trillion and 700 billion dinars.

The supreme religious authority, had warned Friday of the seriousness of the financial situation in Iraq and said the words of its representative in Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai a speech Friday that "the financial crisis of the country reached a dangerous level," ask the government to "use of a team of local and international experts to develop a contingency plan to overcome the current crisis and take austerity measures are not the right of the common people and the disadvantaged classes, especially the fighters in the face of terrorism, but for a lot of unnecessary expenses in the ministries and government departments. "

He Karbalai "It was possible to avoid many crises if the hand of the things of the ruling political forces may act did not do good Alhthoa behind personal, regional and factional interests and provided Iraqi interests and the interests of Iraqis."

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