Wasit Investment: give us leave to six projects to $ 282 million during 2015

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01/30/2016 12:01:00 am

It announced Wasit Investment Authority, on Friday, granting six licenses for residential, commercial, recreational and industrial projects different during the year past 2015, a total cost of $ 282 million, and complained of routine procedures in government departments to maintain that prevented awarded dozens of other holidays that could have contribute to the revitalization of the local economy.
The head of the body, honest hoody Abbas, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The authority granted in the past in 2015, six licenses to investors Iraqis or foreigners for projects with a total cost of $ 282 million," adding that "six licenses divided by two first the housing sector for the company Lebanese undertakings, to establish a complex of two thousand and 400 units carried out horizontally in the land of the old Walcott camp, and the second of two Iraqi companies, namely, "Farr world" and "the Court of Almjebal", for the establishment of 366 housing units carried out horizontally in hand Zubaydiah, (70 km north Walcott) city. "
Abbas added that "the third license granted to the company pearl Iraqi Valley to set up a shopping mall (Mall large) in the city of Kut, and the fourth to set up a laboratory for the purification of vegetable oils in terms of the Gospels, (60 km south of the city of Kut)," noting that "the fifth license went to a Iraqi investors also for the establishment of an integrated city games in the district of Al Azizia, (90 km north of Kut) city. "
Prime Wasit Investment Commission said that "the sixth license related to tourism and entertainment project in the city of Kut, near the embankment, by gardens and Wasit company," pointing out that "the project is an entertaining commercial complex includes a fully integrated restaurant afloat bunk City Games and commercialization of a water park and a center" .
Abbas said that "the length of time for the completion of these projects, ranging from 12 to 36 months, most of which came into force or in the process of the foundation stone put in the next few days," revealing "the existence of dozens of licenses investment stalled because of routine procedures in most constituencies the government to maintain, which It did not react with the Commission procedures for the implementation of the majority of the task in the agricultural sector and manufacturing projects he can can meet the needs of the province of various plant and animal food products two-pronged ".
It is noteworthy that many foreign and local companies hesitated to maintain, based in the city of Kut (180 km southeast of the capital Baghdad), to get a different investment opportunities but red tape is still a big obstacle in front of her.