Jawad Hasnawi: the separation of the Badr Organization of the Supreme Council does not affect the National Alliance

11.03.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) , member of the Liberal block of the Sadrist MP / National Alliance / Jawad Hasnawi to dismantle components of the Shahid al-Mihrab does not affect the Alliance and its work. said Hasnawi in a statement (of the Agency news) on Sunday: The separation of components of the Shahid al-Mihrab (the Supreme Council , the Badr Organization) and the flag as independent entities, does not affect the work of the National Alliance in the House and Minister, and that because of all the components of the mihrab is internalized within the national, especially as the alliance a coherent and strong. said MP from the national to: that the separation that took place today within current Shahid Mihrab not new, but since the last legislative elections were signs of separation and clear through the receipt of the President of Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri and the Ministry of Transport. The current Shahid al-Mihrab and the Badr Organization has declared, that they have become two independent states of the day Sunday. A statement of the stream received (news) copy of it: that the large role played by the Supreme Council and Badr Organization in consolidating the gains achieved by our people in fighting Saddam's regime and the victory he and the establishment of a constitutional democratic, federal, has defined our honorable Council and Badr line, one for each of them the terms of reference and functions differ from each other to meet for at the unit power of this stressed Shahid al-Mihrab and Aziz, Iraq their commitment to the line a unified political institutions on the one hand and independent organizational on the other. an approach that was adopted and walk on this basis as part of a martyr mihrab, the length of the past but today and after major developments and consolidate the concepts of selectivity and democracy, after a series of consultations and meetings and at all Almsturiat parties reached to the need to progress a step further, through the declaration of independence Alkiedetyn to make things a harmonious whole with the independence of the two organizations complete the ISCI and the Badr Organization Announce consciously and thee full they are today, sturdy separate completely from each other, but rather seek him this measure is to enable the two entities do Bmhamhama clearly and responsibilities of the top and what all the past, Astqlalat two organizations will not stop them working as part of one stream is Shahid al-Mihrab. as well as today, the independence of the two leaderships for Atakll of flimsy joint action and coordination of higher between them in as required when the national interest, religious, and that the leaders and cadres and the masses of the Supreme Council and Badr Organization have been associated with the blood of martyrs bones and principles and concepts embedded in the walk on the curriculum of Islamic True and Hoda household peace be upon them in the line of reference good in accordance with national principles approved by the Iraqi constitution is determined to continue along in the service of our people which is our space real we all seek to serve and achieve the aspirations legitimate God bless the martyrs of Badr and the Council Supreme especially Mahrgab Shahid Aziz, Iraq and Jerusalem Sarhama and the martyrs of the National Islamic Movement.

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