The financial crisis between Abu Hamoudi Hamdiya!

Yasser Kanani

Friday January 29.2016

After a long talk about a thousand billion, and how wasted Iraq's money and smuggled out of the country and Maidor of leaks about the deduction of part of the staff and the salaries of retirees and so forget the Iraqi street, over time, causing these crises and cast blame on al-Abadi tastiest became a scapegoat past mistakes and dinosaurs corruption looted funds the country (such as Valebadi Asamj McCall blameworthy) why the Iraqi people forget the iPad distribution and financing of the election campaign and the distribution of gold-plated pistols to gain the trust of the heads of tribes? Why forget the Iraqi street thousand dollars wasted and budgets of pre-2013 explosive, especially if oil prices were above excellent

Why forget the Iraqi street aliens in army troops and where they go their allowances, why forget the Iraqi street money electricity Mahdorh..ohadji Falah which accounted for the money and the Ministry of Commerce and felt on the London .. Why forget the Iraqi street, and Minister of Education Mohammad Tamim deals within the Maliki government? Why forget Mutlaq and Milirath why journalists forget the people .. (limit victimize Hajji Hasplkm each one $ 100) to forget what the Iraqi street reference claims not to elect corrupt and though the group won two electoral ambition was third!

Hamdiya dry Sohradtha and her mistress .. The Adventures Hamoudi .. and thefts MPs and ministers in the government of failure and ignoring the thieves Sunnis, Shiites and make concessions in order to get the second term .. Why wonder the Iraqi people from the austerity and attempts to cut salaries They are elected who brought dry and her entourage to the treasury Iraq to be at its disposal and the disposal of Xuan spoiled son who became an economist gives donations and gifts in accordance not its air and whims .. Why forget the Iraqi people, they're they had delivered thieves to power ... but what surprised and condemn to be Iraq's money between Abu Hamoudi Hamdiya! Mo if not?