Nujaifi announced an agreement on the abolition of the political blocs weekly holiday Parliament

Sunday 11 March 2012 14:25 GMT

Sumerian News / Baghdad

The President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, Sunday, in an agreement of the political blocs to cancel the weekend of the Parliament and the extension of his work until next Sunday, while pledged to start taking action against members of the parliamentary committees absent from the exercise of their functions, called for the formation of a new committee concerned with the constitutional amendments.

Nujaifi said in a statement issued today, and received Alsumaria News, "a copy of it, that" the Presidency of the Council of Representatives were held today a meeting with the heads of committees and representatives of parliamentary blocs to discuss the constitutional amendments and draft legal Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council and the functioning of the committees, "noting that" the The meeting discussed the time the House of Representatives in the coming period where it was agreed to cancel the scheduled weekly holiday this week and extend the work of the Council until the next Sunday. "

He used the Iraqi parliament to hold its sessions starting on Monday of each week and will continue until Tuesday of the week that followed in giving its members a holiday begins from Tuesday also until Monday of next week, marks the festival Nowruz next Wednesday, which is a public holiday in all parts of Iraq.

The Nujaifi that "will be after the holiday, the allocation of vacation until the fourth of April next to make up for holidays for the festivals of Nowruz and to avoid the special procedures to prepare for holding the Arab summit later this month and the accompanying atmosphere of heightened security," noting "an agreement the two communities to work hard to activate the role of committees to submit draft laws and completed the form, which provides state-building and serve the citizens. "

The President of the House of Representatives that "after the holiday will be the legislative report in the House of Representatives to assess the work of the committees', vowing to" start taking action against absent members of the committees exercise their functions in the parliamentary committees. "

The Najafi "the importance of speedy resolution of the bills and make efforts to activate the work of the Council in the regulatory and legislative framework, including contributing to the development and building the country" and called on "the need to exercise the functions of parliamentary committees are believed to provide a wide range of laws for a vote."

Najafi explained that "the meeting focused on discussion of the paragraph concerning the constitutional amendments," calling for "the importance of forming a new committee for such amendments by providing candidates in the parliamentary blocs Committee."

The Chairman of the Parliament that "the Commission will take it upon themselves to consider the amendments and what has been done in order to reach results contribute to the attention of the referendum," explaining that "the conferees stressed the need to reach a consensus enables the display of the draft law of the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council to the Council of Representatives during the the coming days. "

He pointed to Najafi, "there is a consensus between the blocks on the importance of legislation, laws which are of importance in achieving the principles of justice and the resolution of contentious issues in the Constitution or the outstanding issues between the center and the provinces and territories."

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives filed on Thursday (8 March 2012) meeting of the Council of 27 to Saturday, while the parliamentary source, the Board entered a session secret to discuss the report of the Committee in charge of investigating the bombing, which targeted the headquarters of the Parliament end of November 2011, in order to discuss all bills scheduled on the agenda to the next meeting.

Article 142 of the Iraqi constitution to be a House of Representatives at the beginning of its work a committee of its members be representative of the main components of Iraqi society, its mission to report to the House of Representatives, within a period not exceeding four months, including the recommendation of the necessary amendments that can be made to the Constitution, and solve Committee after the decision on their proposals.

And got "Alsumaria News", in (February 6, 2012), a copy of the draft law on the Federal Supreme Court submitted by the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq to the Iraqi Council of Representatives to approve legislation based on the provisions of Article (61 / I) of the Constitution, dealing draft of the President Court as prime minister or parliament to deal with the treatment of members of Cabinet.