Abadi frankincense calls to form a government "emergency" to overcome the current crisis,
Observer in News, 01/28/2016

visit policy called the National Alliance MP Sadiq frankincense, Thursday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the formation of an emergency government to overcome the current crisis in the the country, while undermining the role of the popular crowd ruled out during the forthcoming Ministerial limbering. Said chewing gum, according to the information, "The Ministerial limbering expected will not achieve the purpose of the reforms launched by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, because some ministries may not advancement of their betterment due to the economic crisis gripping the country," ruling out "the targeting of the popular crowd and undermine its role through limbering expected." He added that the "real reform program is only achieved by changing ministerial whole is able to overcome the crisis in the country," calling Abadi for "the formation of an emergency government and crisis management cell to run the affairs of the problems with it." He pointed out that "according to preliminary leaks of inaccurate reports to merge the ministries of oil and electricity at the Ministry of one and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, as well as to integrate other ministries close in their realization."