Industry opens assemble Volvo trucks in Babylon factory 3000 truck card annually
January 28, 2016 12:35

It was opened by Minister of Industry and Minerals, owner Mohammed Darraji, Wednesday, assemble Volvo trucks in the automobile manufacturing plant factory, north of Babylon, and a production capacity of 3,000 trucks per year, and as he emphasized that the project will provide 20% of the cost.

Said Darraji during the opening of the project, he said that "the ministry today achieved through the General Company for the automotive industry partnership strategy by choosing Volvo project compiling sizes different trucks to cars Alexandria manufacturing plant (55 km north of Babylon) 2,400 m2 includes two lines Antegean annual production capacity of 3000 truck, "noting that" the truck assembly and components fully in Iraq. "
He added, "This project will provide 20% of the cost in the event of import trucks from the company as will be running workforce by 250 workers in the project which is run by a cadre of Iraqi specialist," noting that "step today will open a new step for the industry in Iraq and would fill a need the country of import from abroad in cooperation with the private sector. "
The Minister of Industry and Minerals, that "our plan following the merger of companies is the production of batteries, tires and aspire to increase the productive capacity of our factories," and expressed his "surprise at the government departments not to buy what is produced by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals."