Salhi: Abadi told us the need to refer the work in the Kirkuk airport to investor
Thursday January 28 2016 20:23

Alsumaria News / Kirkuk
MP for the province of Kirkuk Arshad Salhi, on Thursday, the provincial council to expedite the completion of the opening of the Kirkuk airport and civil proceedings, as pointed out that Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi told him the need for the Council to complete the procedures and referral work in the airport to the investor.

He said Salhi, in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of it, "I met today with the Minister of Transport Bayan Jabr to discuss the issue of Kirkuk civil airport," noting that "The minister expressed his agreement to the opening of the airport as soon as possible and we are waiting for the completion of the special referral of airport procedures for the investor to be launched and operation of the air traffic. "

He said Salhi, that "Kirkuk civil airport is very important to stimulate trade and tourism and support the local economy to maintain and service all of its citizens, what constitutes a goal and a dream sought by parents instead of their suffering today through orientation to travel through Baghdad Airports or Erbil and Sulaymaniyah."

He said Salhi, al-Zubaidi that "we were informed of the need for the completion of the provincial council proceedings and to refer work to ensure investor."

The Member Services Committee parliamentary princess Zangana announced, earlier, for the approval of the Ministry of Transport on the implementation of Kirkuk International Airport project, while the local government called for coordination with the ministry to complete the foundation stone of the project to establish procedures.