Conscious / Finance Committee warns of sale of properties of corrupt state

28/01/2016 07:26

Conscious / Baghdad / M.v
Parliamentary Finance Committee, warned on Thursday of going on sale of property of state funds into the pockets of thieves as I went the Iraqi treasury funds as she put it.

The committee member said Sarhan Ahmad in his transfer reporter permit (and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA) that "the Real Estate State sale is not only through the parliament's approval to do so and should be selling prices, the real estate price and not be sold to entities or companies cheap prices, as happened previously," noting that "the House of Representatives has the conditions for approval of the sale of properties that the state of which the price is not cheap and have a control over the money so as not to go to the thieves."

And between Ahmed "we would prefer that there be investment properties the state and not sold. We tiger crisis and Snabbarha but real estate not return if sold, representing the country code," stressing that "it is not possible to sell Saddam Hussein's palace and must be the remains of the Iraqi government departments."

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