Iraq and Armenia sign agreements in the field of industry and the economy

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[Baghdad - where]
Iraq and Armenia signed on the agenda of Armenian Iraqi Joint Committee, a number of agreements in the field of agriculture and industry.

A statement by the Ministry of Agriculture, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of "the first session of the Iraqi Committee Armenian joint to open the prospects of joint cooperation between the two countries in Baghdad for the period from 26-27 of this month has been concluded, where he headed the Iraqi side and Agriculture Minister Falah Hassan Zaidan and representatives from some Iraqi ministries while headed the Armenian side and the Minister of the local loop and emergencies Armin Aretsian and Armenian ambassador in Baghdad.

"He added that" both sides expressed their desire to promote and develop relations in the form which is commensurate with the possibilities and economic capacities of bilateral and encourage the establishment of international and specialized exhibitions for the purpose of display products Every country in the country and the other to provide the facilities and assistance possible, and urged the Armenian companies sober for work and investment in Iraq and various projects, particularly with the Iraqi Ministry of Trade companies.

"The statement quoted the minister Zaidan referring to" sign a number of agreements, including agricultural, industrial, trade and energy sectors and the economy, "explaining It's "friendship agreements and considered these agreements benefit of the Iraqi people and the peoples of the region in order to promote them according to scientific methods."

He pointed to "the agreement on the exchange of experiences in the field of agriculture, both plant and animal activity in general and stand on the ground on agricultural activities which is famous for the Republic of Armenia, such as organic farming and production the seeds of wheat, barley and maize, as well as the production of vegetable seeds and modern irrigation techniques and techniques of modern agriculture and greenhouses of all kinds so as to develop the agricultural sector and support the Iraqi economy.

"He explained that" these agreements come within the Iraqi government's efforts and the Ministry of Agriculture in developing cooperation with the countries of the world and the opening of agreed joint cooperation in various sectors, ".anth