Deputy: kmerkih fee by 30% in the ports of Basra hit the economy of the province

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The Deputy called the State of law Coalition emotions grace, Thursday, the Government and the Prime Minister to adopt the principle of Justice in excise customs and make them equal in border ports in Basra and Kurdistan, saying the tariff collection by 30% in border ports of Basra and 5% in Kurdistan is a hit to the economy.

She said in a statement received/balance of news copy, that "Iraqis are equal in rights and duties under the Constitution, but we see the reverse of that on the ground, since on 18/1/2016 tariffs introduced in Basra by 30%, making many merchants prefer to enter their goods through the ports of the Kurdistan border as Abraham, because tariffs on Kurdistan 5%, traders who use port treibil, mostly associated with companies in Jordan are managed by Baathist elements They are exempt from customs taxes, the hit to the economy in Basra and targeting their ports which is about to stop. "

She said a Deputy from the province of Basra, "the imposition of the tariff on the Basra ports only procedure is messy and failed, especially with regard to outstanding food several days ago to the inability of merchants to pay their fees are very high, so are the goods subject to spoilage, either if they pay the fee, to consumer goods will arrive at a high price, these are also fighting for the Iraqi people in their strength and their food and especially low-income families in all provinces."

It showed that the "long history of Pat Optometrists in suffering in various spheres of life, wealth preservation and its ports and its blessings are a curse to the people of this province that give and not take, while seeing the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani takes legitimate losses welaiati like a spoiled person by the Government".
Grace emphasized "the need for the intervention of the Prime Minister immediately to resolve the problem before they escalate into a crisis, especially since many traders threatened to take action the simplest way to protest unfair tariff and worst move their goods to alternative ports." finished 29/d 24