Iran aimed at satisfying European economy of the gate

January 28, 2016

Iranian President Hassan Rowhani arrived Wednesday afternoon to France, the second leg of the tour initiated Monday in Rome and across it to seek rapprochement with the European countries after the lifting associated with the nuclear program of his country's sanctions.

It is expected to witness a spiritual visit to Paris, the signing of important business contracts along the lines of what happened in Rome.
Tehran also announced that he will be great in the French capital to sign an agreement with the European aviation giant "Airbus" includes 114 aircraft. In Italy, it was signed 15 agreements worth ranged between 15 and 17 billion dollars.

Rohani is accompanied in his European tour delegation of hundreds of economists, as well as foreign, oil, transport, industry, health ministers.
Rowhani, and arrived in Paris on Wednesday afternoon, where he will meet France's Francois Hollande, the owners institutions counterpart, and his visit centered on the economic side.

Observers say Tehran aware of recession through which the majority of European economies is poised to gain more penetration of the European rigid attitudes toward a number of files of interest to Tehran.
Experts say that Iran wants to play a paper economy to improve its image in the international community, namely, long known for being a closed state and sponsor of a number of terrorist organizations.

The Minister of Transport Akhnaudi Iranian Abbas announced on Sunday, before leaving the spiritual signing of a major contract with "Airbus", where "will be an agreement to buy 114 Airbus aircraft signed during the president's visit to France."
He said Deputy Transport Minister smaller honorary Kashan Iran "wants to essentially buy Airbus A320 aircraft, the A321 and A330" to receive this year and in 2017.

Last spiritual aims to push his tour Aloorurbin to overlook Iran's track record to destabilize the security of the region
He pointed out that "as of 2020 Sntzlm Airbus A350 and 380. We want to buy eight Airbus A380 and 16 Airbus A350."

The Rohani said before heading to Europe, Monday, to economic projects with France "in the field of transport, as will be the signing of contracts in France because we develop our fleet." He also referred to the automotive sector, he said, "it will be probably signed important contracts with Peugeot and Renault."

He participated Rowhani, Tuesday, in an economic forum between Italy and Iran, which prompted dozens of owners of Italian enterprises to invest in Iran.
Rowhani stressed that "Iran is the safest and most stable country in the region."

And seeking European capitals to launch business initiatives for the invasion of the Iranian market to make up for lost for the benefit of Russia and emerging countries such as China and Turkey.

And provide the Iranian market, which includes 79 million people after years of isolation great opportunities at the level of modernization of infrastructure, and oil and gas exploration and also the areas of automotive and aerospace.

The nuclear deal with world powers to end the international isolation of Iran in exchange for limitations on its nuclear program, and will allow it to use frozen balances tens of billions of dollars and re-open the country to foreign investment and allowing it to sell oil again in global markets.
He says President Hassan Rowhani, who led his country's efforts to conclude a nuclear deal that "Iran needs new investments between 30 and 50 billion dollars a year to achieve the targeted economic growth of eight percent."

Existing US sanctions on Iran acts as a brake trot a number of major global companies toward Tehran
And companies in Europe and Asia precedence over American companies, as the United States continues to impose some sanctions on Tehran, which is a constraint on US companies.

But a lot of banks and international companies and foreign investors do not hurry to enter the Iranian market because of the potential risk of violating the remaining US sanctions and the ambiguity of some legal points.

Also, some also fear that been no diplomatic incident between Iran and the United States to destroy the nuclear deal, as the US presidential election this year has come to the seat of power the President opposes the agreement. Coinciding with the visit to Europe sent the Iranian president, on Wednesday, letters confirming his desire to establish better relations with the United States, which is described in his country's biggest devil.

Rowhani said that "Iran can be assessed better relations with the United States, but it depends on Washington to change its position 'hostile' from Tehran."
"It is possible that the friendly relations between Iran and the United States, but this is key in the hands of Washington, not Tehran."
He is adding that he would be pleased to see businessmen Americans in Iran.

And accuses many Western countries Iran of funding different militant groups are included on the lists of terrorism for the United States and the European Union.
Despite Iran's agreement with world powers to curb its nuclear program activities, the United States keep the financial sanctions imposed on Tehran because of its links with organizations such as the Lebanese Hezbollah.

However, Rowhani insisted on categorical rejection of accusations to the effect that Iran financed terrorist organizations. "It is clear that Iran is a country opposed to terrorism and the country is fighting terrorism."
London-based Arab newspaper