A source in the "National Alliance": Iraq is the only country in the world who not offer his final accounts

Posted 11/10/2011 3:54 AM

a source in the "National Alliance", who leads the government, that Iraq as well as the rank of advanced corruption, is the only one in the world who not offer his final accounts, pointing out that "the absence of final accounts and for several years indicates violations and significant deviations in the way the exchange of Iraqi money had approximately $ 400 billion since 2003. "

The source accused a deputy from the "National Alliance" on condition of anonymity, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's complacency about the demands of the parliamentary and economic need to submit the final accounts before making any financial budget annually, noting that "the failure to submit the final accounts and not to the insistence of Parliament and must be submitted Aahran chaos in the aspects of exchange funds, the country shared by most of the main forces in Iraq, which is explained by its silence on the issue of the final accounts. "
and Acharalna˙b a block in the "National Alliance" competition to block the prime minister "of state law" to the "Gate of the so-called budget emergency and is located at the disposal of the President Ministers, which includes large amounts, "he said," was acted for the purposes of non-governmental "unlikely that it" went to finance the activities of the Dawa Party and the campaign for the owners and his coalition in the provincial elections 2009 and 2010 Parliamentary Elections ", a charge was directed by the owners and his party, who denied such a thing strongly, confirming that the processes of political mobilization, media, and the mass of the party and the "rule of law" were not of "public money".
and about the failure of the "financial control" and "the integrity" the disclosure of such abuses of public funds, if any, the source said " financial control and the integrity fear the collision with the Prime Minister, especially in cases of exchange large fiscal on the security services is unconstitutional followed by a personal device such as combating terrorism, and a cell hawks intelligence led Abu Ali Basri, as well as Tribal Support Councils funded by al-Maliki and heaped on the elderly money and contracts and influence to become an extension of a popular loyal to him and his party. "
The source pointed to "the absence of any official figure documents the money gained by the Iraqi budget annual derived from the difference of oil prices as based budget prepared figure is most likely much lower rate than the world price of oil," he said. " The difference was this year, about $ 20 per barrel of oil. "
and, as regards the Scott majority of MPs is an important issue such as those concerned by "the final accounts," the source said that "chaos act money to Iraq seems a collective responsibility and that most of the blocks involved in this imbalance is justified silence which go, sometimes some voices claim corner key in the budget of any country, "adding," If Iraq comes third in the list of most corrupt countries in the world, he is the only who does not submit his final accounts before submitting the budget of the new year. "
The Iraqi Finance Ministry announced late last February it completed "Report of the final accounts for 2010 are final and sent to the Office of Financial Supervision which will send it after checking it to the House of Representatives," pointing out that "the files the final accounts for previous years were sent to the House of Representatives after being examined by the Office of Financial Supervision."
The House of former House of Representatives has approved a month before the current budget year, government ministries did not submit their final accounts for the years 2008 and 2009 because of government inaction in the follow-up file the budget and disbursement mechanisms.