Parliamentary: Central Bank of Iraq is watching the financial crisis without plans for the future

Wednesday 27-01-2016 | 3:42:35

Twilight News / MP accused Zainab Arif visual Wednesday the Iraqi Central Bank that he has no future plans in light of the financial crisis experienced by the country.

Basri said in a statement responded to Twilight News, it's necessary, "said the Iraqi Central Bank to prepare a plan for the coming years with respect to the face of the financial crisis plaguing the economy of Iraq."

"The Central Bank's mission is focused on the development of policies, programs and mechanisms to do with regard to monetary policy and means of supervision and control over the banking sector, until 2020 with confirmation main goal, which is to address inflation and growth in the contribution of the banking sector to the GDP."

Visual and called for "the application of the mechanics of flexible and transparent to ensure the participation and the private banking Government, both sector by moving the Iraqi economy in lost current crisis and was one of the reform packages is the launch of loans for industrial and agricultural bank and housing but the central bank did not announce when it will launch the loans despite the allocation of $ (five trillion dinars) to her".