Economy: preparations for the convening of a Conference on international investment to Faw port

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Baghdad the balance of news

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment proof mamouri said on Wednesday start preliminary preparations to hold international investment conference port of Faw in Basra Governorate.

Akram said in a statement/balance of news copy, that "its started since months to approach the relevant authorities with a view to the speedy completion of this vital project through investment way, after we found the inability to provide funding through budget allocations adversely affected by reduced imports by Iraq that rely on oil as the main source of funding."

The statement added that "the Prime Minister and the Ministry of transport agreed to convert create the initiation through investment, where a Committee of all stakeholders including representatives of the Parliamentary Commission on the economy and investment the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of transport and representatives of the province of Basra, shipping, which will commence its meetings soon for the purpose of preparing for major international investment conference to be held in Basra invited international companies specialized in this type of project.

He noted that "the Commission will examine the possibility of allocating part of the project via the arrow system, any direct offering of Iraq market for securities and here we will make citizens contribution on the project and is one of the best types of investment that would accrue to shareholders with a good profit."

However, that "what is important is the completion of the project, which will be no less important import oil imports not to mention it will provide employment for large numbers of young people and the operation of related sectors. Ended 29/38