Proposals to maximize the financial resources during the current year

Baquba, Nabil al-Shammari
Considering the local administration in Diyala expand its financial resources to meet the large deficit in its budget for the current year, while maintaining the Directorate of Electricity began a campaign to maintain and rehabilitate network Alkhuyls village.
Diyala provincial council member Ahmed al-Rubaie said ╗Sabah╗ that the province is seeking because of lack of financial allocations during the current year to the application of austerity measures and not to sit idle towards it, through the study of proposals for the preparation of draft laws prescribed by the Council hoped to generate additional funds to maintain.
He said the proposals include a tax on goods entering across the province through the perpetrators of Mandali and Mundhiriyah, in addition to the imposition of taxes on large gravel quarries to maintain and laboratories and then enact a law to impose a tax on big cars that behave pregnancy coming from the northern provinces to maintain roads. Rubaie said that the proposals also include investment support very seriously, especially in the agricultural sector through a package of facilities to investors legislation, calling on the government to give the province special attention compared to what has happened in their areas of major damage after the control of gangs źDaash╗ terror by military operations to liberate it, as well as that of Diyala where thousands of displaced people and those affected by terrorist acts. The government has allocated 41 billion dinars for Diyala province as a budget for the current year, while the provincial council stressed that 37 percent of them will go to ongoing projects. For his part, Vice-President of the Diyala provincial council Agency Mohammed Jawad al-Hamdani said ╗Sabah╗: The Angels Diyala Electricity Directorate embarked on a campaign to maintain and rehabilitate electricity village Alkhuyls network rehabilitation of nine electrical transformers and installing new ideals during which, in addition to the switch electrical wiring and installation of 305 columns Electricity. He ╗Sabah╗ that the suffering of the people of the village of old electrical grid will end completely after the end of the campaign work and the rehabilitation and renewal of the network.