Full elimination challenge the decision of the governor of Mosul sacked
Wednesday January 27, 2016

BAGHDAD - Jawad Hattab

The Federal Supreme Court dismissed the case made by the former governor of Mosul, Ethel Nujaifi, in which the student's decision to appeal his dismissal as governor of the conductor by the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

A spokesman for the court, Judge Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, said in a statement received a "Net" a copy of it, if the Federal Supreme Court held its plenary, and decided to "reply suit ethyl Abdul Aziz Mohammad Najafi to challenge the constitutionality of Article 7 (VIII / 2) of the Act governorates not organized province of No. (21) for the year 2008, and to challenge the decision of his dismissal. "

Bayraktar said that "from the jurisdiction of the House of Representatives, not the Federal Court."

It is noteworthy that the article governor, has been accused of all those who voted for his dismissal as members of the "one class", and said after the decision of dismissal, as "the reason behind it is the rejection of the involvement of the popular crowd in the liberation of Mosul, and his visit to America," while the description Forces Union, political bloc to which he belongs Najafi, that what happened plots will not tolerate it.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted on the B169 voice Najafi dismissal from office.