Council of Ministers: given the subject of the Mosul Dam of paramount importance and the launch of Media Network budget

26/01/2016 04:58 PM

BAGHDAD - Orient:
Council of Ministers announced that the government give the subject of the Mosul Dam crucial to ward off any potential danger. A statement by the prime minister, received (Orient) a copy of it, that «the Council of Ministers, discussed in its regular held (yesterday), headed by Haider Abadi, the prime minister, the measures taken by the government to address the problem of the Mosul Dam and put the necessary plans by the problem of the competent committees The purpose, said the government move their proceedings and given the subject of the dam of extreme importance to ward off any potential danger, and the use of international expertise in this area. » He added that «Taking into account the circumstances of the displaced, the Council decided by the Ministry of Finance / National Pension Authority and the ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry to provide all the necessary facilities and assistance for the completion of transactions pensions for employees displaced people.» The Cabinet also decided to "do the Ministry of Finance allocated for the launch of the Iraqi Media Network in the federal budget for the fiscal year 2016 the amount of the grant."