Karbala Governor: the work of private banks does not exceed discharges currency
10/03/2012 19:19

Karbala / Aswat al-Iraq: Karbala governor said on Saturday that the work of private banks at the present time does not exceed the discharges for the currency, calling for the entry in support of Iraqi companies and investment liquidity, which has a large.
The Engineer's hopes of religion cat told (Voices of Iraq) "in Iraq, many private banks and many of them have opened branches in provinces, including Karbala."
He added that "these banks did not invest their large cash liquidity in the banking," saying, "What do these banks at the present time is to replace the currency and disposal and in some cases of credit."
He called the cat "banks to support industrial and commercial sectors and companies and to engage with them in the areas of investment and achieve more profitable."