Iranian official's [where]: mediations and negotiations are under way to resolve the dispute with Saudi Arabia

Shura Council representative Kazem Jalali confirmed the existence of an international mediations and negotiations to resolve the dispute between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Said Jalali told all of Iraq [where], that "the parliaments of the Islamic Conference in Baghdad, a sign that Iraq's important role in the region for the continuation of the peace, stressing the entry of international parties to resolve differences and problems between Iran and Saudi Arabia.."
He added that "the Islamic Conference parliaments indicates that we want peace and the fight against terrorism, extremism and war, sectarian and ethnic nationalism and sectarianism, also held specifically in Baghdad shows that Iraq has an important role in the region for the continuation of the peace where, and we should apply the theme of the conference which is" together to combat extremism and terrorism ", and to be together for the implementation of this important goal."
Jalali said "we hope that the conference be successful and the application of the resolutions to combat terrorism, extremism and issues of Iraq and Syria, countries which suffer from terrorism, in addition to the Zionist occupation of Palestine."
He pointed out, "it was also taking economic and cultural decisions for women and others, and should be on the parliaments of Islamic countries should cooperate with governments to implement these decisions and recommendations."
On-Iranian relations - Saudi Arabia, said Jalali, said that "relations between the two countries has been cut by the side of Saudi Arabia, stressing that Saudi Arabia is an important country in the Muslim world, and we agree on the solution of some problems and differences, but there are some initiatives Incorrect such as the final statement of the Councils of Ministers of countries Gulf Cooperation which was held in Riyadh against Iran, in addition to media statements against Iran by the Saudi parties. "
He pointed out that there are international action to resolve the differences between the two countries, where he visited Saudi Arabia and Iran, all of the President of the Republic of China, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, noting that negotiations are under way to solve problems and find a rapprochement between the two countries. "
Regarding the economic crisis experienced by some countries, oil especially, Jalali stressed "the need to take Iran and Iraq, measures out of the oil economy gradually which is fully dependent on oil, because it is a political weapon and every day we see decreases and increases its price in order to get out of this crisis."
"The commander of the Iranian revolution, Ali Khamenei, has ensured the government to build an economy that resists fixed and roots, where there are large areas that we can go out to build projects in both countries [Iran and Iraq].
Parliaments of the Islamic Conference and the cross in his closing statement [Declaration Baghdad] yesterday, expressed full support for Iraq in its war against Daash terrorist gangs "and urged" Member States to criminalize opinions that encourages criminality, hatred and rejection of the other. "
The conference also stressed his commitment to "the Treaty of Organization of Islamic Cooperation in the fight against terrorism," calling "to condemn and criminalize terrorist Daash of the killing of the Iraqi people and the demolition of shrines, churches and destruction of public property and urge them to conduct qualitative changes in laws and regulations to criminalize all terrorist practices and investigate it."
The statement also stressed "to support Iraq in its war against terrorism and the stay at his side through the provision of all kinds of support required on the grounds that he is fighting for the world at large and the announcement of the blessing of Congress of the victories achieved by the Iraqis on Daash" .