Sheikh Hamoudi calls for activating the private Cabinet decision to support the national product

Published in: 19:46, January 26, 2016

Local opinion Baghdad

A member of the Presidium of the House of Representatives, Sheikh Hamoudi, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi hold a special meeting of the Council of Ministers; to discuss ways of activating the decision to activate the national product, and the extent of ministries and cooperation in it, calling on the government to speed up the activation of a private industrial initiative with the availability of the capabilities and quality global different our companies and our products .
He said Sheikh Hamoudi during his visit to the General Company of steel industries in the coronary {victory and steadfastness} that "the circumstances and the time that is going through our country, especially after the continued decline in oil prices does not allow us to complacency with the support of our products," noting that "clear progress that we have seen and in front of the media During our visit local companies, both {sugar plant, or leather, or mechanical, or cars, or drugs Samarra, or steel} was the subject of pride, and invites us to cherish it, and not to go outside of the market. "
He briefed Sheikh Hamoudi During his tour, accompanied by Minister of Industry Hamoudi al-Lami adviser on various operational plants of the company and production lines encyclical titled it, praising the development and efficiency of the work of towers electric power civil industries, mechanical, metallurgical, military, reiterating the ministries of Defense, Interior, and municipalities, housing, agriculture, The board of the popular crowd, as well as the provinces should be to accelerate the local contract. is over