He called on the government to double its interest in Basra president looking to develop relations with Pakistan and Iran


Union: Fuad Masum, the President stressed the importance of strengthening and expanding relations between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Iraq, referring to Iraq's desire to develop in the military and security fields as well. This came during a meeting on Monday, the President of the sovereignty of Pakistan's National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq participant in the work of the eleventh session of the Conference of the Parliamentary Union of member states of the OIC delegation. President infallible and welcomed the delegation of Pakistan, stressing Iraq's desire to build and expand bilateral relations with the Republic of Pakistan in various fields and the fight against terrorism, through the development of security and information coordination between the two countries to crack down on terrorist organizations, and prosecution and dry up, also welcomed the development of the commercial and scientific cooperation between the two countries, noting that the state Pakistan great and friendly Islamic state.
For his part, the visiting delegation from Pakistan is keen to consolidate and expand cooperation frameworks and stand with the Iraqi people in its war against terrorism, saying that the delegation's visit to Iraq aimed to provide a clear message to terrorist groups that Pakistan stands with Iraq in its war against terrorism. The delegation made a presentation focusing on the achievements of Pakistan in various fields, and his country's readiness to discuss ways of building a special economic relations with Iraq in the military field.
On the other hand, Fuad Masum, the President stressed the importance of strengthening the historical relations between the Republic of Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran and developed in various fields to serve the higher interests of the peoples of the two friendly countries. This came during the reception of sovereignty on Monday head of the Iranian Shura Council Dr. Ali Larijani, at a conference co-Parliamentary Union of member states of the OIC delegation.
President infallible and expressed gratitude to the Republic of Islamic Iran for its continued support for the Iraqi people in all fields, particularly in the war against Daash, which Iran has been proactive in its support for the Iraqis to run into this terrorist organization, indicating that the Iraqi people of all sects stands united to counter the forces of terror, and the face of crisis stifling economic experienced by Iraq. For his part, Dr. Larijani stressed the need for concerted efforts to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries at all levels, adding that Iran would remain a friend of the Iraqi people in all its components. The head of the Iranian Shura Council championships Iraqi people in the face of terrorist groups, and sacrifices and steadfastness against these serious difficulties, which seeks to undermine the will of the Iraqis and their faith, praising the role of the President in the infallible unite Iraqis out of this crisis to safety.
In a related development, President infallible Monday called on the Iraqi government to double its interest in the governorate of Basra, seeking to revive economic and cultural thoroughbreds its position in Iraq and the Gulf region, praising the vital role heritage to the people of Basra and clans, especially in the difficult historical junctures. The President of the Republic during his meeting with the President and members of the Supreme Committee to resolve tribal conflicts in the province of Basra, in the presence of their portfolios Majed Nasraoui and head of the provincial council morning Albzona, Basra has strong expertise and giving her sons and culture realism, calling for a redoubling of efforts to develop a practical and strategic plans for the development of economic and development movement in the province as well as re- vital to its ports and tourist facilities and commercial and oil industries and agriculture. President infallible also noted that Basra, which was a product intrinsic to the bounties of Iraq is able to return to the previous status and to solve their problems immediate and strengthen the unity of its population, also called for local and federal authorities to make concentrated efforts to solve the immediate problems facing the province such as unemployment among young people and the security vulnerability and the emergence of the phenomenon of trade considering that the armed clans Basra able to address issues of conflict and separation across the tribal traditions of understanding, dialogue and respect for the law, which used them always.
For his part, he praised the president and members of the Supreme Committee to resolve tribal conflicts in the province of Basra interest the President of the Republic, praising his positions of Basra, stressing the determination of visual to restore the historical status of their wallets, also stressed the readiness of the population of Basra and clans to support the government's efforts to resolve the problems currently faced by maintaining the economic and security levels.