Laziness economies: Omran al-Obeidi


Prove successive experiments that the peoples of the Middle East and the Arab peoples specifically the peoples of more than lazy it for decades before the discovery of oil was in a state of poverty has not been able to employ other economic potential which it was possible to be a way out of poverty because they are simply the people lazy, and when he appeared Oil rebounded Zhicheng economic situation of our people become tired and more adopted as the only source of economic course and became the economies of most economies that are exposed to repeated shocks due to the volatility of oil prices. Our peoples have turned into consumption and greedily, consuming everything and move everything important was simple and did not there is any possibility of production with a cash tempting not there is not straining himself in the detection and the search for the risk that consumption, but rather that this Middle Eastern mind did not cost the same think of any critical moment, although all indicators show that this dependence dire consequences.
The tendency of consumption trend confirms the absence of reason, and production of course needs to be the minds of producers and this is what we lack because of continued inaction, we could not even keep up with the states it is adjacent to the Arab countries and how she was able to build a large economies away from oil, which prepared many a curse for the Eastern Arab countries because of Nzotai growing laziness and consumption.
Iran from the Middle countries, namely oil country, but politicians did not settle for him to be a crutch, which is based upon their state Fasttaawa to establish a coherent economic system to unimpaired economic shocks resulting from lower prices. Oil and Myderh of money and get it encouraged our growth is not on the right but it was a reason for the growing trend of conflict, war, money is everything waged the region's longest and ugliest wars and, most recently sectarian wars raging oil fire day after day.
Our peoples need a real review based on a change of thinking and out of the state of ongoing laziness, who became a prominent feature in the behavior of our peoples.
Many of the economies in East Asian countries has become a surprising the world and is growing rapidly despite the fact that most of them do not have the economic resources are significant but it does have what is the biggest oil and metals appointed to continue and grow, it owns minds producers can create productive ideas.
The most threatening countries is the absence of the mind which is what we have the privilege, so that our countries have become a source of rare and ironic and dependency.