Prestige Daash logistics for sale financial bankruptcy bare Daash of heavy weapons !!

Dated: 01/25/2016 Monday 7:12

Iraq today / special
The financial crisis that live our country where, overshadowed turn on what is known as "Daash," It seems that the canines fiscal deficit had bitten off its potential logistical big bite, Daash city of Mosul has begun, the sale of specific weapons owned by foreigners - smugglers, according to sources in Nineveh, no order for our document what the evidence disclosed by us.
These sources Grdt our newspaper, the following particulars: "The organization, withdrawal of most advanced weapons and equipment and combat mechanisms of modern from the streets of the city, and began to sell them to smugglers known, after it became suffers from a difficult economic situation", and the Guide to the Amordan while they went to him: "The Lorries, continue the transfer of these weapons and combat equipment, toward tenderness Syrian city, two days ago, "either the most prominent evidence so to the bankruptcy Daash, was:" Most of the elements of the organization deployed in the neighborhoods and streets and intersections of the main city, equipped with only light weapons, while devoid the wheels of heavy weapons that the organization was terrorizing the population and pretending their strength, "For your reference, dear reader, that these tweets, comes in conjunction with the News claimed, that Daash city of Mosul, is suffering from the economic situation is very critical, having been" drying sources of funding, and the loss of most of the main roads that connect the city to Turkey and Syria, as it was not able to two months to pay most of the elements of salaries since, particularly the so-called Diwan of calculation ", and you'll also find Aziz Yakarina, that Daash, may after control of the city of Mosul - seized Nineveh province in the 10 June 2014 on the thousands of pieces of weapons and combat equipment and military vehicles, belonging to the security forces, which left them. "